About us

bpha is a Housing Association that operates primarily around Bedford, Milton Keynes and Cambridge, which is committed to providing its customers with high quality, value for money services whilst continuing to develop more energy efficient, sustainable and affordable housing.

We are a leading provider and developer of affordable homes including general needs rent, retirement living, and homes for shared ownership. We own or manage over 19,500 homes and employ 500 staff.

We offer additional support services to bpha customers through tenancy sustainment, money advice and specialist supported housing services Our Carelink service supports bpha customers and the wider community through the provision of a 24 hour responder service giving customers and families an additional layer of security.

We work together with communities to improve opportunities, independence and quality of life for our residents, and to benefit the wider community.

All the money we make is used to invest in existing homes, to enable us to build new homes, and to deliver new and improved services.

bpha – core operating area

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Our story

bpha was founded in 1990 following a consultation with North Bedfordshire tenants who voted in favour of the creation of a Housing Association to manage their properties. The new organisation raised funds and purchased the housing stock of North Bedfordshire Borough Council. Bedfordshire Pilgrims Housing Association – now known simply as bpha – initially provided rented housing for residents.

Since 1990 bpha has continued to grow and develop new homes for customers in the East of England. The services we offer have diversified considerably and now include a range of rented homes, housing for older people and low-cost home ownership.

bpha continues to work closely with Bedford Borough Council and the communities of Bedford whilst also now operating in neighbouring counties across the East of England.

Our customers

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Strong financial position 

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Our vision and mission

Our vision summarises our overall ambition and paints a picture of the world we are trying to create:

To build communities where people can live happily in a home they can afford.

Our mission statement sets out how we will make our vision a reality:

To build and maintain quality homes and thriving communities by being increasingly efficient and always considering the needs of those we house.

Our values

Our values underpin the work that we do and are ingrained in our culture at bpha. We are looking for people who can share these values and translate them into day-to-day practices for the benefit of our communities, customers and fellow colleagues. So that we can realise our vision, together.

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